Growing Up Underexposed:  Lessons Learned from My Daddy

Author:  Dr. Jackie S. Henderson

This book of short stories portrays the special relationship that existed between a daughter and her daddy in a time of unparalleled challenges during this time in history. It emphasizes how lessons of a lifetime can be learned by a young girl who grew up underexposed to many simple, everyday events in life. These lessons have been documented as family history to be passed along to family and friends from generation to generation. The reader is encouraged to reflect on these awesome memories as he remembers his own personal memories. This book is also designed for parents who want to make a positive difference in the lives of their children and their children's children for a lifetime. The author further hopes that as a result of reading these short stories, families would realize the importance of documenting and sharing their own stories.


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Growing Up Underexposed: Lessons Learned from My Daddy

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